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Wenzhou nanhua code printing equipment co., LTD. Is a modern joint-stock high-tech enterprise located in wenzhou high-tech park, China. The company has been engaged in the field of code printer for more than 10 years, closely following the international trend of code printer technology development, based on the needs of domestic users, continuous innovation, quickly established its own unique professional and technical advantages, especially in the key performance of products and the latest technology application has made remarkable achievements. Over the years, the company adhere to the greater proportion of the scientific research investment, has a group of functional requirements of software development, automation control, product structure


Technical advantages


Wenzhou south China is not the only choice but the choice we will never regret


We are more reliable

Wenzhou nanhua inkjet equipment co., ltd. is a professional supplier of inkjet equipment in jiangsu and east China


More technical support

15 years of industry service experience, a sound after-sales system, professional technical team!


More mature solutions

Ink printer: from 6,800 to 90,000,
Laser printer: 30,000 to 380,000
Code printing auxiliary class: conveyor, XYZ three-axis mobile platform, rotating device, scanning and eliminating device and so on


More perfect product system

South China laser jet code series, south China ink jet code series, Europe Code qr code inkjet code series...


More customer testimonies

In the past ten years, from the micro and small enterprise customers to the world's top 500 customers, Thousands of companies have established partnerships with us!

The quality of south China is rock solid

Technical support

In the field of laser laser optical devices and optical fiber laser is a leading position in the country, part of the laser device technology in the world has a leading edge.

Research and development of security
Research and development

Invest 3 million yuan to establish the business department of code printing, and increase the investment in the research and development of identification devices and production equipment hardware.

Talent guarantee

Set up an innovative practice base of code jet printer, and set up a logo workstation in cooperation with well-known institutions.

After-sale protection
After-sales Service

Nanhua quality as solid as a rock, rigorous and perfect after-sales service. Provide stable quality assurance and warranty service.


South China inkjet quality rock-solid thoughtful thoughtful after-sales

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What problems should be paid attention to in the use of code jet printer consumables?

Because the small character printer is one of the most widely used models in our production, here, eurocode printer mainly introduces the small character printer supplies in the use of the process sho

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Code printer maintenance knowledge

As the Chinese traditional Spring Festival has passed, after the festival, many enterprises also began to produce, and for the manufacturers of existing inkjet printer, the normal use of equipment suc

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Small character printer two-dimensional code how to achieve

The two-dimensional code records the data symbol information with the black and white pattern which is distributed in the plane according to the certain rule with the special geometry figure. With the



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